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episode two: the thing you love most

This show is getting pretty good! Snow and Emma's scenes were beautifully tragic and solid. 



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Hi! Live from Tim Hortens, lol. God I am becoming addicted to everything here.

LIFE UPDATE Shelter is having the open house today! Two months of preparation is about to pay off. I hope we have a good turn out. Halloween weekend is a great opportunity, especially when you're offering candy for the kids, drinks for the adults later, and of course, cats and kittens everywhere. Gus is actually large enough he fits the fairy wings I bought at Halloween City - they were made for a bull dog! This guy needs to go on a freaking diet.

TV UPDATES! My favorite show right now is REVEN8E. So consistently awesome and I love the female leads.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Allison is such a magnificent troll. And what a great episode to not only draw in new viewers, but also satisfy current, loyal ones! That's pretty hard to do.

COMMUNITY: Crazy!Annie is the best Annie.

SUBURGATORY: Quirky and cute, but missing on having anything of substance, still. Dallas is a great subversion of a ditzy, shallow housewife. I love her competence and compassion that not even Snark Knight Tessa can resist. Her and George's friendship is pretty amazing.

TVD! = FORGIVEN. First time I have cried watching this show in a long time again. Elena you are so amazing. I love how not perfect you are, how you just get awesome, then sink back, because YOU'RE JUST A GIRL, just seventeen, and how can the world be giving someone like you, so young, these things to deal with? Along with Bonnie and Caroline - FLAWLESS women in TVD right now. But Damon. Ugh he's so gross and kind of worthless. GOOD God, I would trade Damon for Lexi, Pearl, or Anna main character status in a heartbeat. Or even MASON. Really, he's up with Jeremy in Gross People That Need to be Killed Off Instead of Random POC.

SUPERNATURAL (not for long but) I started watching episodes of S4... but only the episodes with Julie McNiven. I loved her on Mad Men, and then she did a guest spot on Nikita and I adored her character. Plus the actress is soooo pretty. I have no idea what's going on on this show lol. I just love looking at Julie's beautiful hair, smile, eyes and <3.


I'll try to check up on my friends list! :( I'm sorry I've been a bad lj friend. To make up for it, please feel free to tell me what's on your mind! Or what you're watching or reading or your plans for Halloween this weekend! ♥
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previous ringer spam
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Did anyone catch the Pan Am premiere on ABC?


I am hooked on RINGER, Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show on the CW. First, it's just plain amazing to have her back on my screen, but this show is addictive and it's all because SMG is great at playing two very different people.

To celebrate SMG and brainwash you into checking out this show, follow the devious, creepy gaze of Sioban.

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actually it was all my fault because I FELL ASLEEP working on fandom stuff (the only spare time I have lol), and when I woke up? My laptop was dead, and for some gd reason it didn't automatically back up my files like it normally does. 

i lost all the fic i was working on because of course i didn't back these three fics up I had taken out of a "general ideas" document. Of course I had saved changes to THAT. 

I am so angry at myself I can't even.
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LJ phone app, why must you be made of so much fail? It is either dying on me, making my phone freeze, or tells me I have to update when I just did that. It also keeps telling me I have no new comments in my inbox, and only lists certain comms and friends on my feed.

Vampire Diaries 301: The Birthday: wow, that episode was horrible.
1) bonnie was not there
2) elijah was not there
3) slut bashing. all around :/
4) the director can't seem to decide to tell PW to act indifferent (like he's flipped the switch) or act tortured. Normally, complexity is good thing, but in this case it just looks sloppy.

Basically I would trade VD for more Pretty Little Liars.

Things I am being eaten alive by:
1) anime!Usagi = tv!Buffy picspam comparison
2) aurora. this cat is thirteen years old how does she have more energy than I do, or more than both of my young kittens combined?
3) remodeling! We ripped out the carpeting and lining. I'm taking out some of the tacky medicine cabinets in the bathrooms, the large glass pane mirrors, the fold out closet doors, and the cheap blinds. This place obviously hasn't been updated since it was built in the 70's and I can't stand it anymore. I'll post pictures when I'm done, because if I do say so myself, this is actually coming along so nicely and I haven't had to pay anyone to do it!
4) getting ready for pet grooming school! I'm tracking down the last of my supplies so I don't have to buy the expensive kit at the academy, and so far I've saved over $200 for it.

For your time, have some adorable kittens!

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Sep. 8th, 2011 02:17 am
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So the latest theme for the prompt fest? HIGH SCHOOL AU basically.

I normally don't like high school/normal world in general AUs. Most of the time because they are everywhere, horrible, and, admit it, gross. You are a liar if there aren't, bare minimum, ten emotionally scarring high school au's life-ruining what it means to be fanfiction, readily available in your memories of wading innocently through the pits of fanfiction.net. So of course suddenly I have been attacked by the immediate need to jot down ideas and pray someone likes them. :/

wips all eating at me

[aladdin; the little mermaid] ariel/aladdin: cross-dress! in the name of love! - aka i love and hate you [livejournal.com profile] kitkat1327 :|
[aladdin] aladdin/jasmine: not another teen movie
[aladdin] genderqueer!genie: evolution baby (pursuits of happiness)

[cinderella; the hunchback of notre dame] charming/esmerelda: pressure

[hercules; mulan] hercules/mulan: coach? i still don't understand what the big deal is about letting a girl join the football team
[hercules] meg/hercules: my co-captain's girlfriend

[peter pan; alice in wonderland] peterpan/wendy/alice: that first freshman cafeteria panic

[princess and the frog; hercules] meg/facilier: subbing for the art teacher
[princess and the frog; sleeping beauty] rose/tiana: ice queen

Both the Prince Charming/Esmerelda and Ariel/Eric equally spout out demanding lines and my fingers can hardly keep up. Of course it's most likely because I'm exhausted /why-must-ideas-only-come-when-you're-falling-asleep
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Sort of a recap, sort of a play by play reaction post.

i gotta upload some chloe king icons )
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CONFESSION: i have always envied people who can color stuff on a computer.

I just get so overloaded with the white, and add the fact that a mouse makes for a shitty substitute for a hand and you have an Eso that starts hissing and spitting at the computer before screaming obscenities at the machine and stomping off to cool down. 

So the challenge this week at sailormoonland's arcade was to color the picture until there was ZERO WHITE. ZERO. NADA.  And there isn't, not even in the finished version (number 3), it's just light blue. You can tell when you put it on a white background :x

But then I kept going because then a little voice that ruins everything for me kept going HER SKIN IS TOO YELLOW, FIX IT until I was nearly going crazy trying to redo her skin without fudging it all up. By this point I looked at the clock and realized I was spending over two and a half hours on this thing. 

1)                                                     2)                                                    3)


until finally i went, you know what? SCREW IT, I'm only going to get x points so STOP OBSESSING GIRL. In the end I submitted #2 because I don't feel like rehashing to the mods that the "white" in number 3 actually isn't white. Also the "shadows" which are a dark blue don't look so out of place. 

I really like I made the decision to make her neck shades darker. Except I'm not sure if the shadows under her skirt help or if it just makes it look like the fuku skirt is coming AT YOU while her legs are all flat. :x


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My new baby :) her name is Aurora. The poor thing is 11 years old, had only one home but the owners decided not to take her when they retired to Florida. She's been at the shelter for forever until I couldn't take it any more.

She's so underweight from not eating and the younger cats bullying her :( also I'm going to have to have shaved because I've tried my hardest, but she has too many deep mats and knots.

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Ya know, I love classic movies. TCM = my shit. And today is Lon Chaney (sr) day! I like him and not just for his monster movie type cast.

But I cannot STAND Tell It to the Marines. The main character I'm supposed to root for is SO unlikable in that each time he assaults Norma it's just so rage inducing for me. Yes I know it's a reflection of the times, in this case the 20's, which means there's a ton of race fail too, but ughhhhhhh. Maybe it's because other than this huge idiot ball romance she's forced in, Eleanor Boardman's Norma is pretty dang cool. But again the movie takes a giant dose of fail having her apologize for telling Skeet's superior (Lon Chaney's character, Officer O'Harra) that he sexually assaulted her and then still wouldn't take no for an answer! They also then have her swoon over this douchenozzle when he's all "golly gee I love you!" in an equally smarmy way.

I keep wishing Lon Chaney's character would let this jerk die. The whole "lazy guy comes of age to manhood joining the marines, finds true love with a hot nurse, AND gets a gruff father figure" doesn't work for me with this loser being the protagonist. I think the real frustration is I know how this movie ends and this guy gets everything he wants instead of getting kicked in the face. :/


Aug. 10th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Wow. This has been a while.

Basically my laptop was stolen and without it my me time on the net was cut short with my job being a no no for that sort of thing.

I definitely was feeling similar to what mom looks like whenever she quits alcohol.
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Sorry I'm terrible with replying to your posts/comments lately. The internet connection here has suddenly become SO SHADY lmao. 
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I felt like Caleb/Hanna took a pot shot at the Vampire Diaries, particularly Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena in one AWESOME SCENE.

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But I had to share this. 

Apparently cracked.com thinks this is a twist that should have been in the movie and would have made it better:


Seriously. How many grown ups and kids alike were sobbing wrecks by When She Loved Me? Adding blazing inferno does not aid. 

....it's sort of a funny trolling in THEORY, but in practice nooooooooooooooooooo.

If life were a movie, Pixar would poised with the potential to have ultimate power over humanity.
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ep 1/2 was the most epic thing i have ever seen. it was more epic than the season two finale of vampire diaries but that isn't saying much.

on to episode six god damn~


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