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I felt like Caleb/Hanna took a pot shot at the Vampire Diaries, particularly Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena in one AWESOME SCENE.

Yeah it was a little anti-climatic for Caleb to show up only to leave again, but truly, it makes this little arc all the more awesome. See, Caleb was hired by Jenna to spy on Hanna, which he did for a while. But then he fell in love with her because Hanna is funny and lovely inside and out, and kisses her and then sleeps with her. He then told Jenna to stuff it. Hanna figures it out and is incensed. She doesn't just break up with him, she sticks to it!

Caleb leaves town, but in another example of people (particularly men) making decisions for Hanna, still love-struck Lucas takes off after him seeing how sad Hanna is, and DRIVES CALEB BACK. Like paid for a motel and everything at one point. All of it is under the assumption that somehow, some way, Caleb will win Hanna back and Hanna will be happy because of it.

And so far the set up looked like it was going to follow that formula. Hanna comes home to her mother and Caleb in the kitchen, her mother excuses herself with a silent blessing for Caleb/Hanna to happen, emotions run high, and the music swells. I swear to God I even thought Caleb was going to say the line, "I came back to Mystic Falls Rosewood to start a life with you, Elena Hanna." I ship Elena/Stefan like a mofo, but that was extremely condescending, presumptuous, and creepy.


That's right.

Basically Caleb rattles off everything Damon has ever used as a fauxpology or an excuse for his gross behavior: I'm sorry. When I try to talk about feelings, I act out like an asshole. I'll make it up to you. Because I love you. Because I was alone before I met you.


She says she believes him, but it's not going to change anything. Sorry, dude, but my feelings won't just disappear. I'm sixteen years old and there's enough going on right there to where I'm pretty much a hormonal and existential mess trying to sort itself out. But no, I have more shit to put up with; you know about my daddy issues and my mommy issues and my insecurity issues and my abusive friendship issues. You don't know that I have a crazy homicidal stalker creeping in on every conversation I have no matter how private, like a bedroom closet for Christ's sake, and last night my friend nearly died, and now the whole town is breathing down my neck thinking we're liars and drawing pictures of us being hung on the chalkboards at school.

It's going to take more than you just saying you're sorry and you'll make it up to me, because you're sixteen too and you don't really know HOW to make it up to me. And that's not my responsibility, really, to tell you how to solve a philosophical crisis of undoing what can't be undone. That's your issue, because I'm still hurting, and because I exist for more than taking on your issues

All of that with a simple, "I believe you," when he says he's sorry, and "I think you should go." after weighing his words.

AND CALEB SAYS GOODBYE. HE RESPECTS HER DECISION AND WILL LEAVE. He doesn't stomp his foot like Lucas, and he doesn't scream at her like Sean. I couldn't think I shipped this more, simply BECAUSE he's letting her make her own decisions. Compare to Lucas, who turned really shitty, because he wanted to make her love him and was pissy and nasty when she didn't, and BLAMED HER. Compare to Hanna herself, who only saw Sean rejecting her sexually as an insult and acted immaturely (Sean later turned into a tool, but the cycle is still interesting). So I'm fine with Caleb leaving for now, but he's got to come back at some point because he and Hanna have insane chemistry.

Also Emily and Toby are awesome friends again. SHE KISSES HIM ON THE CHEEK. HE CARVES OUT HER HEIGHT MARKS SO THEY WON'T DISAPPEAR. They promise to be sweet, sweet, innocent platonic BFFs forever. 



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