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Who the heck puts gyro meat on their waffles? Wrong man, just wrong! How dare you desecrate the sanctity of fluffy deliciousness!

Does anyone else remember watching a Disney show called Adventures in Wonderland? It was live action, the white rabbit was always wearing roller skates, and the Red Queen wasnt evil so much as ornery? DID I MAKE THIS SHOW UP AS A CHILD? Because no one believes me. :(

My new favorite movie right now: She's Back On Broadway! Oh the costumes are so gorgeous and then of course there's Virginia's flawless face. *flails*

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Ya know, I love classic movies. TCM = my shit. And today is Lon Chaney (sr) day! I like him and not just for his monster movie type cast.

But I cannot STAND Tell It to the Marines. The main character I'm supposed to root for is SO unlikable in that each time he assaults Norma it's just so rage inducing for me. Yes I know it's a reflection of the times, in this case the 20's, which means there's a ton of race fail too, but ughhhhhhh. Maybe it's because other than this huge idiot ball romance she's forced in, Eleanor Boardman's Norma is pretty dang cool. But again the movie takes a giant dose of fail having her apologize for telling Skeet's superior (Lon Chaney's character, Officer O'Harra) that he sexually assaulted her and then still wouldn't take no for an answer! They also then have her swoon over this douchenozzle when he's all "golly gee I love you!" in an equally smarmy way.

I keep wishing Lon Chaney's character would let this jerk die. The whole "lazy guy comes of age to manhood joining the marines, finds true love with a hot nurse, AND gets a gruff father figure" doesn't work for me with this loser being the protagonist. I think the real frustration is I know how this movie ends and this guy gets everything he wants instead of getting kicked in the face. :/


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