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Hercules and why the movie hinges on Meg instead )


Sep. 8th, 2011 02:17 am
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So the latest theme for the prompt fest? HIGH SCHOOL AU basically.

I normally don't like high school/normal world in general AUs. Most of the time because they are everywhere, horrible, and, admit it, gross. You are a liar if there aren't, bare minimum, ten emotionally scarring high school au's life-ruining what it means to be fanfiction, readily available in your memories of wading innocently through the pits of fanfiction.net. So of course suddenly I have been attacked by the immediate need to jot down ideas and pray someone likes them. :/

wips all eating at me

[aladdin; the little mermaid] ariel/aladdin: cross-dress! in the name of love! - aka i love and hate you [livejournal.com profile] kitkat1327 :|
[aladdin] aladdin/jasmine: not another teen movie
[aladdin] genderqueer!genie: evolution baby (pursuits of happiness)

[cinderella; the hunchback of notre dame] charming/esmerelda: pressure

[hercules; mulan] hercules/mulan: coach? i still don't understand what the big deal is about letting a girl join the football team
[hercules] meg/hercules: my co-captain's girlfriend

[peter pan; alice in wonderland] peterpan/wendy/alice: that first freshman cafeteria panic

[princess and the frog; hercules] meg/facilier: subbing for the art teacher
[princess and the frog; sleeping beauty] rose/tiana: ice queen

Both the Prince Charming/Esmerelda and Ariel/Eric equally spout out demanding lines and my fingers can hardly keep up. Of course it's most likely because I'm exhausted /why-must-ideas-only-come-when-you're-falling-asleep


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