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but most likely not for long. 

Community made me feel uncomfortable for Allison Brie. :| 

I amm caught up on this season of My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic! IT IS AMAZING of course. Twilight and Luna's friendship was both the cutest and saddest story line. I am getting more and more vibes Twilight and Celestia are a fluffier version of Buffy and Giles though and it weirds me out because I REMEMBER HOW THAT ENDED :( Never break my heart MLP and have them be enemies! 

HOW LAME IS THIS: the front half of my condo is dead. zero power. THE FRONT HALF. which i also the side I have the TV stuff on, on the upper floor it's the side I have my computer stuff and my heater on! LAME. I was supposed to fix the circuit today but MY CAR IS DEAD because it's so freaking cold outside and the complex only has overhangs, no garages. 

For the [livejournal.com profile] sailormoonland challenge I figured out how to color Sailor Moon manga! NT's work is hard, I think she is allergic to connected lines. So one week, about five failed other pages, one mini tantrum and a question of self-worth later (PHOTOSHOP: YOU SUCK, UNINSTALL ME me pretty much; WHAT MAGIC DO PEOPLE USE TO DO THIS STUFF IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS), I picked something basic. To color, not in substance, because it's freaking King Queen Goddess BAMF of my heart, Haruka ♡***. And I think it turned out very well!



Oh and I did Michiru too but I'm still not happy with how she turned out. :| I did her first and spent longer on her actually! 

***as opposed to Usagi, who is my favorite character and also my home girl.

TELL ME THINGS F-LIST! What's going on with you, what are you watching, reading, worrying about?. 

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Hi! Live from Tim Hortens, lol. God I am becoming addicted to everything here.

LIFE UPDATE Shelter is having the open house today! Two months of preparation is about to pay off. I hope we have a good turn out. Halloween weekend is a great opportunity, especially when you're offering candy for the kids, drinks for the adults later, and of course, cats and kittens everywhere. Gus is actually large enough he fits the fairy wings I bought at Halloween City - they were made for a bull dog! This guy needs to go on a freaking diet.

TV UPDATES! My favorite show right now is REVEN8E. So consistently awesome and I love the female leads.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Allison is such a magnificent troll. And what a great episode to not only draw in new viewers, but also satisfy current, loyal ones! That's pretty hard to do.

COMMUNITY: Crazy!Annie is the best Annie.

SUBURGATORY: Quirky and cute, but missing on having anything of substance, still. Dallas is a great subversion of a ditzy, shallow housewife. I love her competence and compassion that not even Snark Knight Tessa can resist. Her and George's friendship is pretty amazing.

TVD! = FORGIVEN. First time I have cried watching this show in a long time again. Elena you are so amazing. I love how not perfect you are, how you just get awesome, then sink back, because YOU'RE JUST A GIRL, just seventeen, and how can the world be giving someone like you, so young, these things to deal with? Along with Bonnie and Caroline - FLAWLESS women in TVD right now. But Damon. Ugh he's so gross and kind of worthless. GOOD God, I would trade Damon for Lexi, Pearl, or Anna main character status in a heartbeat. Or even MASON. Really, he's up with Jeremy in Gross People That Need to be Killed Off Instead of Random POC.

SUPERNATURAL (not for long but) I started watching episodes of S4... but only the episodes with Julie McNiven. I loved her on Mad Men, and then she did a guest spot on Nikita and I adored her character. Plus the actress is soooo pretty. I have no idea what's going on on this show lol. I just love looking at Julie's beautiful hair, smile, eyes and <3.


I'll try to check up on my friends list! :( I'm sorry I've been a bad lj friend. To make up for it, please feel free to tell me what's on your mind! Or what you're watching or reading or your plans for Halloween this weekend! ♥


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