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Finally got my hands on that cat catching cage! &hearts Now I just have to wait for that poor kitten and catch it so I can get her fixed/de-flea-ed and take her to the shelter. Earlier this week I noticed a chuck of fur to the skin is missing off the side. :( I don't think she'll survive much longer if I don't.

[livejournal.com profile] kaboot is promoting a FEMSLASH FEST over at [livejournal.com profile] disneyslash! GET YOUR BUTTS OVER THERE with non/disney crossovers, au's, and rewrites!

Fandom Meta Recommendation: How to be a fan of problematic things. I found this to be a very informative piece. I'm in series like The Vampire Diaries where consent is a HUGE problem but not a lot of people understand that. It's a good starting point for someone who has trouble recognizing 'well if you hate the show so much, why do you watch it?' Recognizing unfortunate implications =/= 100% hatred of a show.

the vampire diaries I did not enjoy the whole of this episode, the following people have some good reactions detailing what I DID love unconditionally, what I loved making my heart ache, and what kind of fell flat for me:
the new deal by [livejournal.com profile] softly_me
the new deal by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar
the new deal by [livejournal.com profile] wigbee71583

... I'm just going to bury myself in TVD femslash and Elena/Elijah!

I *adore* Alex and Nikita so much!

Alex makes me so sad for her, that she is always losing everything all over again, each time she moves forward. The type of mental trauma she goes through is just so heart breaking. Nikita recognizes she is the only one Alex can depend on, and the twist is that her mother WANTS to be there, but she's mentally unable to! I love that, Mrs. Udinov's last scene was so angry about it, like flickers of a drugged tiger trying to stand up and lash out. Meanwhile Nikita just drops everything to readjust her plans to suit Alex. Because she's been saving Alex for almost all of Alex's entire life, starting that night Nikita started taking her OWN life back from Division, and she's not going to stop now. I adored the moment when she's smiling as Alex formulates a plan and then simply says "you're missing something" and lets her continue to work it out - proud the entire time.  I love the women on this show! 

My only continuing beef: WHY MUST YOU DENY ME NIKITA AND ALEX COMFORTING EACH OTHER WITH HUGS? I refuse to believe that did not happen in the last scene. 

Owen and Michael's bromance is amazing, and the rivalry is so well done because Nikita's choices and agency seem to be present the entire time! She's a real person, not a trophy! From Ryan's scenes with Amanda and everyone, the plot is coming together nicely over there as well! 

pretty little liars

Also the wonderfully creepy nursery rhyme the series opened with! I can't get over it! How many of your shows can creepify Amazing Grace AND have demonic sounding children in a non-supernatural, teen show? I don't even think The Vampire Diaries could make this so creepy, the way little girls are brightly colored, smiling, innocent, and each other's blood thirsty enemies in the exact same shot.


I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING OVER THE SOUND OF HOW PERFECT HANNA AND CALEB ARE! Not Lucas' creepy self-entitlement to Hanna or the waves of gross Nice Guy tm he emits in the background, not A who is cackling how s/he will ruin this for her, not her awful father, not her flop stepsister, none of it! RUN AWAY AND MAKE OUT ON BEACHES WHERE YOU ARE FOREVER CONFIDENT IN THE OTHER'S STRENGTH AND LOYALTY, YOU TWO! 

The way his hands run up her back and her smile into the kiss lksjdlfds.

So Toby turned abusive just so the writers had a lazy excuse to delay Spencer? What the heck?! D: Because no no no no. Argue all you want it's the same Toby who dragged Emily into a car with him, the truth he hasn't acted like this in his relationship with Spencer. And it isn't romantic when a partner tells someone else how to feel, what to do, and throwing them around by the arm in the name of "best interests." Why all the Nice Guy stuff this episode writers? You've already driven home Rosewood males are ALL creepy! 

My dear bb Emily finally getting angry and wanting some damn payback at A! Also Shay is just beautiful the end. 

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